Privacy Policy

February 20th 2006
Fenrir Inc.

Fenrir Inc. (hereafter Fenrir Inc. referenced as "us" or "we.") is committed to protecting your privacy.We understand that privacy is very important. If you do not agree to such terms, you may not use and must exit this web site.

  1. We expend all possible means to protect User's important personal Information, and observe both low related with Personal Information and other standard.
  2. How we use User's Personal Information fairly.
    • We may use personal information to improve our service, and develop new service.
    • We may also use personal information to send an email, call on the phone, and send postal mail via Postal Service, to send out our questionnaires, promote our sales, take a survey of our services, and offer gifts.
    • We may also use personal information to answer inquiry, and exchange counsel.
    • We may also use personal information to make a judgment about recruitment, and give notice of passing states.

    In addition, there is a possibility to lay down scope of use personal information individually when we carry out our Service or Questionnaires.

  3. We make effort to protect personal information via development of office administration, company training. We also take measures to keep out any unauthorized users from personal information, and prevent losing, breaking down, tampering, and revealing personal information.
  4. We do not share personal information any business partner or company. However, there is a possibility to offer personal information to court of low, police structure, or other public agency on the request of act of Congress.
  5. We may change this Privacy Policy if we find certain points which one feels need revision, or if the act of Congress or other standard changes. If we change Privacy Policy, we publish news on our official website.
  • September 5th 2005: 2 pages partially revised
  • February 20th 2006: 4 pages partially revised